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As soon as I entered my 30s “S – skin care” became all the more important and an obsession for me than just makeup.

I am not the lucky ones with great skin and have had issues for the longest from dry patches, to breakouts and dark spots as a result of acne. And so skin care was very critical to me and it took me years, several dermatologists and facial salon visits and testing a number of products to realize what works for my skin.

So here I am listing my current nighttime skincare routine. These are the basics that I use on an everyday basis and test and change the products once in a while. Read on to learn more about my favorites and these include drugstore products and few splurges but worth your every penny.

Step 1: Makeup removerCoconut oil

So, I have used makeup remover wipes ( all kinds of) all my life but was never happy with them. I have sensitive skin and rubbing even super sensitive wipes leaves an impact. I had read about coconut oil long ago and finally decided to test it. I have been using it for 6 months now and it is the best thing ever. I take a generous amount and massage it all over my face including eyelids, lashes in a circular motion for about a minute. You will see the makeup kind of melts in the oil. I’ve heard some people asking will it clog the pores and the answer is – it doesn’t! Coconut oil is meant to be anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and works as a first-aid cream so it’s the best makeup remover.

Just remember the quality of your coconut oil is very important, it’s best if it is organic, unrefined and cold pressed. I have linked the exact coconut oil that works for me.

If you are not into applying oil to your skin (which I would still recommend), the second best product for me for removing makeup is Micellar water. It is very gentle on the skin and has tiny little cleansing agents that act like a magnet and picks up any dirt, oil, grease, and makeup.

 Step 2: CleanserCetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

I don’t wipe off the oil from step 1 but use a cleanser to wash it off. I have been using the Cetaphil cleaner for about 5 years now and it really is one of the best drugstore products I own. It is a gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry up your skin and yet removes any excessive oil. I have hardly had any breakouts ever since I’ve incorporated this into my skincare routine and it always leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.

 Step 3: Exfoliant –Olehenriksen polishing sugar mask, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub

It is very important to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. I have a couple of exfoliants I like and I am linking them here. And the best thing about all of these is that they are not too abrasive on the skin and wouldn’t even leave any microscopic scars.

Note: I would avoid using an exfoliant if I have breakouts. Let the acne dry out before rubbing anything on them as that could irritate the skin further and cause the breakouts to spread all across.

Step 4: Toner Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

Applying a toner to your face right after you cleanse is very important due to a number of reasons. It maintains the pH balance of your skin, it’s a second line of defense against any dirt or oil, cleanses your pores against any impurities and helps your skin in the nightly renewal process. You would notice it makes the rest of the products work better.

Step 5: Moisturizer/ Night CreamNaturopathica Vitamin C Revitalizing Lotion

I don’t use any specific night creams. I started using Naturopathica products about 5 years ago upon discovering it at a NYC salon. This ultra-lightweight moisturizer that helps prevent any aging signs. Most of the anti-aging products I have tested make my skin feel tight and dried up which I not too fond of. But this one is very light and yet keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. It is definitely one of the splurges but you just need very little and thus runs for a longer period of time. And with the benefits, I have seen it’s worth my every penny. Since using Naturopathica my skin has improved and have never had any breakouts.

 Talking about Naturopathica, one other product that I always have with me is the Moss Blemish Treatment Mask. This is a spot treatment product that has helped clear out any acne, blemishes that were caused by breakouts and any dark spots. I don’t use it as often anymore but whenever I see a sign of any red or dark spots or an acne I apply it and overnight it works its miracle. For anyone struggling with acne and breakouts should definitely give this a try. You wouldn’t regret putting your money on it and it definitely runs longer.

 Step 6: Eye cream – Baebody Eye Gel 

After wearing mascaras, eyeliner and then cleansing them off can create some kind of dryness, redness or itchiness to the area around the eyes and also since I have struggled with dark circles forever, eye creams have been very important for me. I found this eye cream on Amazon (it has ~12K reviews and 4.5 stars) and it has great results if used consistently. To be honest, most days I skip this step but have learned to see considerable changes upon using it diligently. And so definitely want to share this one with you. On applying, it has a very cooling effect, keeps the eyes moisturized and hydrated. Whenever I apply this my eyes feel so fresh the next morning. It doesn’t improve dark circles immediately but if used consistently will show significant signs of improvement.

Baebody Eye Gel for Dark Circles, Puffiness, Wrinkles and Bags – The Most Effective Anti-Aging Eye Gel for Under and Around Eyes. – 1.7 fl. oz.

So these are all the steps that I include in my nighttime routine. Over the years my skin has definitely improved and I hardly ever breakout.

What does your night time routine look like? I would love to know what are the essential must-have products in your vanity? Do share, I might want to test them out 😊

Thanks for stopping by. With love…

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  1. You wouldn’t believe it, the only thing I do is wash with tea tree face wash and apply nivea

  2. Night routine is a must for good skin n for those who do lot of makeup. The only thing is u have to be consistent.I m looking forward to buy some of the products u suggested ✌🏻

  3. Thanks for sharing and agree with you that with aging skincare is must. For me it started last year when I turned 45. I use Aveeno moisturer until recently got raw shea moisturizing daytime butter which works wonder on my skin. Also, I use Aveeno hydration night cream with active naturals which is amazing. Though haven’t found yet would like your suggestion for dark areas around lip corners that are more seen now rather than dark circles under eyes!! Thanks and your regime is awesome.

    1. Thanks for sharing what works for you! Really helpful to know. The dark circles cream that I shared in this post can really be used all over the face and around lips too. With me, I have noticed it gets dark also because of dryness so I try to keep it moisturized and use coconut oil at night. Hope that helps, Thanks